Friday, September 25, 2009

Camas Vintage Faire........Big Success

Gotta tell ya.....what a blast it was!  The weather put a small damper on the festivities but overall the entire day was busy and full of laughs.  I met some new people and spoke to alot of very interesting ones, too.  Debbie and Laurie of Worthy Goods were great as was Joanne of Camas Antiques to host this first annual event.  I hope to be involved in many more to come.

My sister (Two Birds Vintage) and I (Gifty Chix) did our booth together.  We had a great time getting everything prepared for it.  The overall look of the booth, however, was a bit droopy due to the rain.  Our draping fabric took on a bit of a "tired" look but no all came out alright.  We sold lots and lots of goodies and made some new friends that we hope to see in the future.

The best deal all day, for me persoanally, was a trade that I made with Junk Between Us Girls.  I traded a beautiful pocelaine sink for a black rattan chair.  This chair was screaming for a new coat of paint and some TLC.  Well, here's a photo of the finished product.......pretty great, huh!?  It only took me a couple of days to finish it and it is now a gem. 

So, now here I am preparing to move into a bigger space at Camas Antiques.  My neighbor will be Barking Dogs.  Hope that this will give us enough space to show our wares. 

Till next time..............


  1. Hello! I'd like to do boot sales too! You found a marvellous chair and wit white paint it looks enchanting!
    Happy week end!

  2. I saw that chair! You transformed it, great job!Did you come home with any great finds from the Tarte sale??? Your new space will be wonderful and you have a great neighbor!