Monday, March 7, 2011

Doll Parts, etc.

Do you think that taking a doll apart and selling it in parts is kind of gross?

I've had these two dolls, and you know I am NOT a doll person, and one was alittle creepy and the other just alot creepy.  They had been sitting around staring at me for the longest time.  Then I was searching for some inspiration and came across a magazine article that showed lots and lots of doll parts being displayed.  This got me thinking that it might be better to part the dolls out then to try and sell them a an entire "doll".  So I started dismantling them.  Just for the record, it was strange taking these little baby doll's arm and legs, not to mention their heads, off of their bodies.  I felt alittle like I was making a horror movie.  Anyway, I got thru it all and here is what it looked like on my dining room table after the massacre.

Oh well, the parts are now for sale at Camas Antiques.  So if you're l;ooking for body parts...I got 'em!

Have a great week...............

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