Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going Back To Where It All Started

There are times when I just have to stop and laugh about where my business has come from and how it became what it is now.  By most standards, this business of mine is not big but for me I relish it the fact that it has morphed into something much bigger than I ever imagined.

In 2005 I began by making semi-precious stone jewelry, etc.  but was so discouraged by the millions (it seemed) that were also making jewelry at the time.  The customary weekends were spent doing the Ballard Farmers Market, West Seattle and Edmond's, too, but it became such a chore after a couple of years of spending each and every weekend committed to a farmer's market, no matter how great they were.  So I opted out of the mainstream jewelry and into the "fun" stuff.  Scrabble tile pendants, poker chip jewelry, etc.  Stuff that was, at the time, not seen very often so it offered people something new in the jewelry area.  Much to my surprise it is still going strong and I have had to teach myself many other methods of making jewelry to stay ahead of the game.

But then along came the furnishings part of this story.  Realizing that I had too much furniture and more time on my hands than I wanted, I started to brainstorm with my husband about possibly selling some of our stuff in order to "turn" it.  So one sale led to another and I realized that this wasn't such a bad "job", if you could call it that.  I was making some money and moving pieces so what the heck, let's go full boar. 

That's how it has pretty much been ever since.  One thing has led to another and it gets better and better all the time.  I still enjoy it and, I think, my husband does, too.

I hope that all of you out there enjoy what you're doing.  As long as it is fun for you than how bad can it be, right?

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