Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Thrill Of The Hunt

There are many things in life that give me pleasure but I gotta tell you that I really get a kick out of finding something so cool that I have to think twice about selling it or keeping it for myself.

This wood pulley was exactly one of those items.  It came to me from a farm out in Canby and I drove and drove to this guy's place to not only find this pulley, but a entire array of items that were just to good to be true.

You see, he was a collector.  Not only of this type of item but of fireman's axes.  All types.  Big ones and small ones.  Also, animal traps.  Kinda yucky but.....and also, irons.  The type you iron your clothing with.  He must have had 50 of them dating back to who knows when.  Great stuff.

Anyway, I settled on this pulley, some duck decoys, galvanized pans and a bunch of other smaller items.  What a treat it was to visit his place and have him share with me the memories of all his years of collecting and partaking in the thrill of the hunt, too.

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