Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Topper 2011

Recently, I was playing around with some vintage music paper, vintage jewelry and glitter.  Sound familiar?  Well, I came up with this piece that made an absolutely wonderful tree topper.  What I made was an accordian pleated star burst, or whatever you call them, then I glued a 1 1/2" circle to both the back and the front to stablize it.  I then hot glued an old vintage earring into the middle and then put clear glitter around the entire center circle.
It was such an easy project and it took me no time at all.  Even folding the pleats took about 10 minutes total for me to do.  I finished it with a small piece of satin ribbon on the back side to tie it to the tree top. 

Currently this topper is on my white Christmas tree in my booth in Monticello Antique Marketplace where I sell under the name of Brocanteur Vintage.  Please stop by and take a look at this topper and maybe you'll get inspired to make one of your own for this year's Christmas tree.

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