Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Blog No More

Courtesy of Pinterest

My thoughts have been split on whether or not to continue my Gifty Chix blog for the coming year.  I know that some of you have followed me for a long time and I appreciate that, however, maybe you are not aware that I also blog under my business name of Brocanteur Vintage?  No?  Well, it seems sometimes that my blogs are abit repetitive and, actually, uninteresting so I will no longer have this Gifty Chix blog after today.  If you wish to become a follower of mine please go to Brocanteur Vintage to keep track of my activities.  It has been fun jotting down my thoughts but it is time to focus on one blog at a time.  I hope that you follow me over at Brocanteur Vintage.  See you there.

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