Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Time For New Scrabble Tile Inventory

For those of you who know my history at Camas Antiques you know that I started out doing small bits of jewelry.  Semi precious stones, vintage keys, stuff like that.  The one thing that keeps me really interested is the scrabble tile pendants that I make.  I still have a small wall space right next to the checkout counter at Camas Antiques where I sell these pieces along with a few other "little" things.

Well, every so many months I do a shake up of the entire inventory and produce between 300 and 600 brand new tiles.  Lately I have been fortunate enough to get some really great artwork from artists in Greece, The Netherlands and Chicago.  You'll be able to see the new tiles this weekend as I think they will be ready.....maybe not all of them but I will have alot in the case by Saturday.

So, if you're in the neighborhood and want to see some new and fun pendants please stop by and take a peek.  Remember, each tile is $6 and if you want a chain then the price is $10.  The chain is silver 2mm ball chains (oh, so cute)!

See you later..............................

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