Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday Blues......................

Now that the rain is here do you think it will go away REALLY fast?!  I don't.  I know, I know....during the hot months all I could think about was the cooler Fall weather.  Who was I kidding!!  I want some dry days again and soon.

Oh well, it gives me an excuse to work inside the house instead of painting furniture, etc.  The days of white painted furniture are quickly coming to an end.  Not only because of the rain but because it's time to move into a new, fresh direction.  The show I recently did proved to me that you can sell more than white furniture.  Natural and color pieces are the rage currently amd I want to provide more of this to my customer in the next year.  Oh, if you really want a piece of white furniture I will still provide it for you as a special order but I do not plan to spend too much more money on white paint, I can tell you that.  I feel a change coming on....................

My mind is going in a million different direction these days.  Stuff to make, shows to do and special orders to finish all before the holiday season.  But I CAN DO IT! (or so I keep telling myself) :)

Today's has really proven to be a "gift" of sorts as I have cleaned my studio and redecorated (only alittle) so that I can work more efficiently.  But between moving things around, I solder, glue and file.  It will all eventually get done but it my own chaotic way.

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