Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday is for projects.........

As I am sure everyone knows, Sunday's are for projects, especially in our "business".  It's a semi-quiet kinda day and all I've done today is fluff my booth at Camas Antiques (also saw Jennifer from Barking Dogs) and try to figure out the best possible way to reupholster three chairs I am currently working on.  Oh well, problems, problems, problems abound with these three projects.  When will they EVER get completed!

On to better (and lighter) subjects.  We went to the Vintage Secrets Sale on Saturday.  What a great mix of dealers.  Lots to pick from and a fun atmosphere.  This was the first time I had heard of this event and I am glad I did.  Having not been in this business for very long, I still cannot seem to find out about these shows in time to participate.  Maybe you have to be invited........I'm not sure.  Anyway, I would love to be involved in some of these shows.  If anyone wants to give me some tips, I would be most appreciative!

Well, I'm goning to stop and bake cupcakes and make a prime rib for Sunday dinner.  YUM!

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