Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday.....Let's Get Creative

As with all things in life, you have to be motivated each and everyday so that the big things get accomplished.  Don't you agree?
Over the weekend I finished a special order for a lady at Camas Antiques.  It was a necklace that is for her sister's birthday.  The charms all "spoke" to things she holds dear in her life like her children, husband, homes and hobbies.  It was a big hit and I hope to be making more of this type of jewelry in the future.  It's so special when a piece actually means something to the wearer.

So, now that's finished I REALLY need to get cracking on a few pieces of fantastic furniture I bought recently to resell in my booth at Camas Antiques.  Currently I have a large dining room table for sale in a beautiful taupe brown color.  Really nice in comparison to all the white out there.  I plan to bring in a green antique buffet that is on casters, all original as found.  It really is great.  The other piece is a tall dresser with an applique on one of the top drawers.  This piece IS white and has round feed.....again, a super nice piece.  Below is a photo of my storage space with all my pending projects.  So you can imagine how motivated I need to be.

I have also been making banners on my website since 2004 and have decided to bring them out to Camas Antiques to sell.  They  are small, cute and reasonably priced at $22.00 each.  This is all part and parcel of new things that I will be showing at Camas.  New year, new products, new resources.....what could be more exciting.

Lastly, I want to thank Joanne at Camas Antiques for a super year for me as a vendor.  I currently have two spaces and they are both producing so very well thanks to her cooperation and friendly spirit of doing business....Thanks Joanne!

If I don't get started real soon the morning will be gone and just HAVE TO accomplish a few things this morning.  So until next time.........

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